This blog site is established as part of an assignment in Arizona State University’s (ASU) Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. I have chosen to discuss the inequity in funding of healthcare provider education, in particular the clinical portion of Nurse Practitioner (NP) training. The time devoted by experienced NPs and their organizations in providing clinical experiences for students is not recognized with monetary reimbursement as physician training is.

I personally experienced many difficulties with locating quality clinical sites after moving across country half-way through an on-line program. When I started the program, I was well-established within the local healthcare community and had quality preceptors signed up for all 5 clinical rotations. An unexpected cross-country moved left me cold-calling facilities for over 1 year attempting to locate preceptors. Unable to complete the final 3 rotations, I was forced to resign from that program. My original graduation date of Nov 2015 is now planned for May 2019; something I never expected moving from a rural area to a large metropolitan area.