Clinicals did not build Confidence


Below is KC’s story as shared on my Linked-In discussion (

I started my graduate program in September 2012, I just finished my AGACNP program in November 2016. I have had multiple problems with preceptors. My first Practicum I had set up, approved and was in the class for a week when my program decided that my clinical site was not appropriate. The school called me and left a message that I was being dropped from the class dropped without an explanation. After multiple phone calls and emails lasting 12 days I finally was able to speak with field coordinator who could not explain to me why The Practicum site was approved in the first place. It was too late to find a new site so I was delayed a quarter. Finding further preceptors was a problem to the point that I had to change states. I live in NH and now work in MA. MA had more opportunities for finding preceptors. My school was absolutely no help and their online sites were never updated for affiliation agreements. The affiliation agreement wording was not clear and I had x2 sites try and work with my school but they did not answer emails or phone calls from the legal departments. I finally went to a third party company that does background screening and required compliance tracking that the clinical site requested. My school told the legal departments that the state of MA did not require schools to show documents of compliance, drug screenings or criminal background checks so they would not comply with their requests. I was finally able to get the clinical coordinator for APRNs to advocate to the legal department for me. That helped me get through my last 2 Practicums. It been a long frustrating road!

It was quite the frustrating experience for sure! I have yet to take my boards. I am quite hesitant and have been dragging my feet. I have no confidence in my test taking but am scheduled for next month. Best of luck to you with your program! Please contact me with any further questions.