Why one NP won’t precept


Here’s another story from linked-in, posted by Diane S. While it’s frustrating for students in need of quality preceptors, I am glad this NP is able to speak to her reasons for not precepting so clearly to desperate students.

“Hi there, I just completed my FNP and passed my boards so it can be done! On that note, finding preceptors (most specifically Pediatrics and OB-GYN) was quite the challenge, causing a delay in my graduation. While trying to find a preceptor for my OBGYN rotation, I asked my GYN, an NP herself if she would precept me. She said no, but the points she made I couldn’t argue with. She pointed out that most schools (mine included) don’t pay the preceptors. She had issue with this because we are paying a lot of money to the school and paying for a “clinical instructor ” while the preceptor does the bulk of the work. She also pointed out this leaves no quality control. The school has no idea if your preceptor even has a clue what they’re doing or teaching you. Finally, the thing that bothered her the most is that physicians and PAs have their preceptors provided for them. It’s just the nurses who are thrown to the wolves to find their own.”